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Conovid-19 - Conjunctivtis link


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Viral conjunctivitis is a common conditions and is most likely due to an organism called adenovirus and is typically self limiting. It is, however, very contagious as is Conovid-19. Both can be associated with an upper respiratory tract infection, therefore, it doesn't take a leap of faith to suggest that some could be caused by the new coronovirus. The science currently does not support this, however, we do need to be vigilant. 

Therefore, any cases of red eye will be triage over the telephone and NOT in practice. If you are concerned you can call us and we will advice where possible.  It may be useful to send an image of your eye to our practice email which is

Viral conjunctivitis is usually characterised as a pink/red eye with a watery discharge. If the lower lid is puled down small whitish/grey lumps can be seen on the inner eyelid that resemble grains of rice. Vision is largely unaffected but can be a little watery. There should be no pain and no sensitivity to light! Viral conjunctivitis is generally self-limiting and will settle without medication within two weeks. Warm compresses and artificial tears can be used to increased comfort. If you have an accompanying chest issue, shortness of breath and or a dry cough we advise you to contact NHS 111 using this link or via telephone ASAP and follow their advice.

If, however, you suffer from TWO or MORE  of the RSVP symptoms then an appointment would usually be advised, therefore, please ring the practice on 01253 794522 and ask for advice. 

> R - Redness

> S - Sensitivity to light

- Vision deterioration

> P - Pain

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