Emergency Eyecare

Thompson and Hardwick Optometrists have always offered emergency eyecare clinics. In fact due to Mr Thompson's IP (Independent prescriber) registration we are even able to prescribe medications usually only available from your GP, for eye related conditions that is.

CUES - Community Urgent Eyecare Service


As August 2020 we are able to see consult patients for emergency clinics under the NHS at no charge under the CUES service (subject to change). This is part of the drive to keep patients out of the hospital and GP services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This service is administrated by Primary Eyecare Services and involves an initial telephone triage via one of our trained receptionist. If eligible you will then be passed on to an Optometrist who will ring you back for advice. This is better done via video-link and can easily be arranged via your smartphone or computer. We will either text you the link or you can click below to be taken to our virtual waiting room. 

The idea is that we will review and manage your concerns remotely but should you require any further investigations we can arrange to see you in practice. 

Please telephone us on 01253 794522 before clinking the button below.