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Soft lens insertion and removal

It quite easy to handle soft lenses, It's just a knack really. Check out this cool videos which shows you how. These instructions apply to ALL soft contact lenses.


RGP lens Handling & Cleaning

RGP lenses are generally the easiest to insert and remove. Check out this video on how to do just that. NB if you have been advised to remove the lens by pulling and blinking, we would advise against that due to the associated lid drooping effect.


Mini-Scleral lens Handling

Mini-scleral lenses can be more difficult to insert than others, however, once you get the trick they're easy. Check out this video for tips. The cleaning of these lenses is the same as RGP lenses except for the use of surfactant free cleaners.


Soft lens cleaning

It is vitally important to follow good hygiene with ALL lenses to prevent infections, some of which can be quite serious. Here is a video highlighting what to do. Two points we would like to add is that you MUST always replace your contact lens case regularly and NEVER let your lenses come into contact with unsterile fluids such as tap, swimming or shower water.


Hydrogen Peroxide systems

An alternative method of cleaning is to use Hydrogen peroxide solutions. It is important to follow the instructions though. Check out this video to what to do.


Hybrid lens removal

Insertion of hybrid lenses is essentially the same as mini-scleral lenses but the removal is very different. Check out this video to see what's different. We'd like to ad the tip of making sure that your fingers are VERY DRY before attempting to remove them. 

Our How to guide to Contact lens handling...

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