Using this awesome digital capture device and sophisticated rendering software we can remodel your cornea to both look for deterioration in the shape but more importantly we can design a lens for you... Individually!

Optical Coherence Tomography really has revolutionised the way we detect and treat most eye conditions. Using infrared light pulses this piece of kit can render your in 3D for detailed analysis. We are very experience with this technology as we have been using it in practice for nearly 10 years and were one of the first if not the first to install it on the Fylde Coast. 

If there is something unusual about your eyes, we want to monitor it. From a nevus (birthmark) to a corneal distortion we will photograph it so that we can directly compare any future changes. We are all different, one of the things to celebrate, and oddities of the eyes are quite common but not necessarily pathogenic (a disease process). Photographing these oddities, however, provides reassurance as to the stable nature of them, subtle changes can, therefore, be detected and dealt with appropriately.

Digitally mapping and analysing your tears is a valuable way of detecting and monitoring and treat dry eye. It gives both the practitioner and the patient piece of mind that treatments are necessary and useful.


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