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Innovation as standard

We live in a world filled with digital devices and while we love the convenience and connection the range of short viewing distances that they require can be a real problem. Switching from Laptop to phone, to TV and back to paperwork as well as driving and focussing on the dash can be troublesome. 

Hoyalux progressive lenses can enable wearers to switch their vision from near to far and back again with ease because of their innovative design. What's more ID lifestyle lenses can be tailored to each individual's needs enabling the wearer to maximise the clarity of vision that is important to them. 

Precision Vision

Lenses as individual as you are!

Established in 1941 in the City of Hoya just outside Tokyo Japan, Hoya have been innovators in the field of optics for over 80 years. Not confined spectacle lens manufacture, Hoya have been innovators in multiple industries including computing components, surgical medical optical devices and camera lens technologies. This has allowed them to become one of the industry leaders and pioneers in all things optical.

Most recently they have developed the landmark MiYosmart lens for treatment of childhood myopia. Hoya have a comprehensive catalogue of industry leading products most of which can be tailored to the individual.  Hoya tick all the boxes for what we at Thompson & Hardwick believe in, attention to detail and quality with state-of-the-art innovation. 

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EnRoute & EnRoute Pro Lenses

These remarkable lenses combine the properties of a high definition treatment and an anti-reflective coating creating a filter which noticeably reduces glare by cutting high-energy visible light from LED and Xenon headlights of oncoming traffic, streetlights and on-board equipment. It also significantly minimises distracting reflections while improving contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions.

Digital Dispensing

At Thompson & Hardwick we believe in innovation, that's why we employ digital facial measurement to optimise each individual pair of spectacles that we create.

From FreeForm bespoke Varifocal lenses to precision single vision lens optimisation we use a six camera facial map to ensure you receive the best possible lens in your individual frame for the most comfortable way that you wear them.

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