Lens Design

Varifocal design on front & back surface for maximised clear vision

Scratch resistance layer

Anti-reflective coating

Dirt repellent layer

Water repellent layer

Anti-static layer

Bespoke Progressive Lenses

Contrast enhancing layer

Glare filter

EnRoute-Pro Driver Lenses

It's all about you!

Lens technology has advanced exponentially in the last decade. lenses are now lighter, clearer, less reflective, UV blocking and can enhance your vision with the use of precision coatings and tints. 

Progressive lenses have advanced from a well designed standard to individually customised designs based on your lifestyle and spectacle frame. If you have tried and failed with progressives in the past it is worth having a conversation about freeform lenses to see if we can help you achieve visual comfort with these industry leading designs.

HOYA Lenses.png