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Keratoconus Lenses

Keratoconus is a progressive condition of the cornea, usually found in atopic (allergic) teenagers who have a propensity to rub their eyes. It affects roughly 1 in 4000 and presents as a deterioration in vision coupled with an increase in astigmatism. Eventually glasses become less effective and contact lenses are the only treatment that offers adequate vision.
Traditionally RGP lenses have been the mainstay of visual rehabilitation, however, at Thompson & Hardwick Optometrists we have been fitting mini-scleral lenses due to their improved comfort and visual stability. 
We have a large cohort of patients waearing lenses as we have been the main provider of specialist lenses to the NHS in the Fylde and Wyre areas for over 10 years with patients also travelling from as far as Tanzania to receive a prescription. 
Ask our experts for advice on specialist and hospital lenses for more information.
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