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Multifocal Lenses

Fed up of having to wear reading glasses? Sick of having to fish around in your handbag/pockets for spectacles just to read a menu or check a price? There is a solution...

Multifocal contact lenses are available and can work wonders in these situation. Unlike glasses varifocals these lenses work differently. Rather than have specific ares of the lens dedicated to distance and reading they simple extend the depth of focus of the eye. This means that you get more in focus although the vision may not be as "crisp" as with your glasses. This is a small sacrifice to pay for increased reading ability.

There are many brands and designs available so if you've tried them before and not got on with them have a chat with one of our optometrists as there may be a different design of lens suited to you.

RGP multifocal lenses can work even better. Newer state of the art designs can increase the vision for both distance and close to greatly. Because these lenses are more mobile they can increase the reading ability when the wearer looks down to read, which is a huge advantage.

Ask a member of staff  for more details!

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