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Regular replacement Soft lenses

Regular replacement soft contact lenses are the backbone of the contact lens market. They can be worn in a miriad of ways and have prescriptions to suit 80% of poeple. They are big business on a global scale, therefore, innovations are regular and wide ranging. The current focus for the manufacturers is to maximise all day comfort to get rid of that dry and gritty feelings in all day wear. A brand new innovation from a number of manufactureders is also to allieviate ocular fatigue with the use of digital devices such as VDU's, iPads or samrt phones. Just ask for more details.
Lenses can be made to suit most poeple, but not all, so it is important that you seek a professionals advice to find the best option for you an your lifestyle.
Lenses are available in many gusies such as:
Single Vision
Astigmatism (Up to 6.00D)
Multifocal & Astigmatism
Moisture Rich Lenses
Cosmetic Coloured Lenses
***New*** Anti Digital Fatigue Lenses
Ask a member of staff for more details!
and many more...
Soft Lenses can also be made as a bespoke design for high prescriptions or irregular shaped eyes such as those with eye disease or following corneal operations.

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