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Contact Lenses are our Thing!

Contact lenses are a key part of our practice and somewhat of a passion too. We deal with ALL manufacturers and have huge lens portfolio which means we will be able to find the right lens for you!

We also deal with speciality lenses and currently administer the speciality contact lens service for the Fylde Coast, for those with Keartoconus as well as for those with traumatised or diseased cornea.

Speciality Lenses

Speciality Lenses

For a number of years now Thompson & Hardwick Optometrists has provided a specialist contact lens clinic catering for those who require lenses as a medical necessity. We can offer Mini-scleral, Semi-Scleral, Hybrid and piggy-back lenses but our favourite is the mini-scleral design. These large hard lenses offer unrivalled comfort and excellent vision, even in the most complex of cases. In our 20 years of experience using these lenses we are glad to report that we regularly see patients completely turn around their quality of life, it is really a privilege to be a small part on their visual rehabilitation.

Just some of the more common conditions treated with contact lenses:

  • Keratoconus

  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

  • Corneal Graft Surgery Inc PK, DSAEK, DMEK and DALK

  • Corneal trauma / scarring

  • Aphakia

  • Occlusive hand painted lenses for cosmetic improvements

Daily Lenses

Arguably the most hygienic form of lens wear but certainly the most convenient daily disposables are a great option for the casual or very active wearer. They can be made to most prescriptions and are even available in Toric form for astigmatism patients and varifical form for those who need reading glasses.


Multifocal Lens and bespoke lenses

For those with slightly more complicated prescriptions lenses can be designed for the specific wearer. Using state-of-the-art 3D corneal mapping topography we can have lenses tailor made for your eye. The lenses can be made in any prescription to any size and in any material. These lenses are truly bespoke and made just for you.


Disposable Lenses

Monthly or bi-weekly disposable lenses offer a cheaper alternative with less wastage. They are also available in ANY prescription required, including high prescriptions, astigmatism as well as bifocal/varifocal designs. They can be made with varying tints, colours, they are even available as react-to-light (the lens goes darker in the sun, UV light).


Soft Contact Lenses

RGP's - The lens for EVERY Prescription!

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Developed in the 1950's and pioneered in Lytham St Annes of all places (Check out the blue plaque in St Annes Square) rigid gas permeable lenses offer fantastic vision even with higher prescriptions. They are extremely safe to wear and have the best longevity with lenses often not needing to be replaced for 12-24 months.

They are particularly good for high prescriptions and astigmatism.

Overnight Vision Correction

Orthokeratology is the magical art of correcting your vision throughout the night. Lenses are worn at night ONLY. Whilst you sleep the lenses gently reshape the cornea into a perfectly sighted eye. The effect lasts for upto 48 hours. And can even slow down the progression of myopia development.

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