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If you’re a glasses wearer, you’re probably getting pretty fed up with your lenses fogging up when you’re wearing a face mask.

We understand that it can be incredibly frustrating having to constantly wipe your glasses, so in this blog article, we’ve shared our five top tips to keep your specs steam-free!

1. Make sure that your mask fits you properly

This might sound like an obvious one but make sure that your mask actually fits you correctly. Your mask or covering should be sufficiently tight enough that there are no gaps for any air to escape through.

2. Try using a plaster or some surgical tape

A pretty nifty hack is to use a small piece of tape or a plaster to secure your mask to the bridge of your nose. By doing this, you’re preventing your breath from escaping upwards, which is what causes your glasses to fog.

3. Keep your glasses warm

Your lenses are going to mist up more when they are cold, so you could try popping them into your pocket for a little while to warm them up.

4. Wear contact lenses

If you don’t already wear contact lenses, then now is the ideal time to give them a try. Even if you’ve worn them in the past or you’re not sure that they’re right for you, there are so many varieties available now. Contact lenses are our speciality, so we would be delighted to chat with you about your options.

5. Use some Cat Crap!

Yes, you did read that right! Cat Crap is an awesome, award-winning anti-fog lens cleaner that is specifically designed to deflect condensation from your lenses and help stop them from steaming up.

We have Cat Crap anti-fog paste available to buy at £8.50. It really is a game-changer. We promise you!

Check out our shop here!

We are still here for you!

Rest assured that we are still operating at full capacity and can offer all of your regular eye care services, including routine examinations. If you are fit and well, please do still attend your appointments. Your eyes are precious and we want to take good care of them!

We have all the appropriate NHS PPE in place, and are adhering to social distancing by restricting the number of people in the practice at any one time.

If you have any questions at all, you can send us an email or call us on 01253 794522.

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