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At Thompson & Hardwick, we understand the frustrations that sometimes come with wearing glasses or contact lenses! That’s why we stock some nifty products to help make your life easier, including the awesome Scleral lens inserter!

Now, where did I put my reading glasses?

How many times do you mutter these words daily?! It’s not too bad when we’re at home as there are only so many places they can be. As we’re able to get out and about more now though, keeping tracks of your specs can be a little trickier!

With a handy storage case, which can be attached to a key chain or fit easily into your pocket or compact bag, Nooz armless reading glasses are a simple and cost-effective solution to lost glasses!

Available in five funky colours and powers from +1 to +3, they simply grip onto your nose, so they’re simple to use and they look great too!

Click here to order yours today:

Contact lenses made easy!

Whether you’re new to wearing contact lenses or you’ve been wearing them for some time, you’ll know that it can sometimes be tricky to insert them. That’s why we stock our mini-scleral lens ring inserter!

It can be worn either on the finger, like an upside-down ring, or held conventionally; and with its convenient centre hole, it can be easily visualised through a mirror. To make inserting your contact lenses in low light conditions easier, it can even be glow!

Printed to order, the low-cost Scleral lens inserters a must for anyone who struggles to insert their hard contact lenses easily and steadily!

For more information, or to order yours, simply click here:


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