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As the nights start to draw in for winter, we're going to be spending more time driving in the dark!

Driving in the dark can pose several challenges for our eyes. At night, our pupils are already dilated to adapt to low levels of light, which means that our eyes have to work even harder to constrict the pupils when faced with the glare from street lighting and bright headlights from other cars.

Impaired vision can lead to slower reactions, which is dangerous for both you, your passengers and your fellow road users!

If you find driving at night partially troublesome, then there is a solution. How about trying some specific anti-glare driving lenses to help your vision to be the very best that it can be whilst you're out on the road?

Half price driving lenses!

The great news is that all of our driving lenses are currently half price*, including the awesome HOYA EnRoute and EnRoute Pro!

These fantastic lenses all have an anti-glare coating with a high energy blue light-absorbing tint, which is particularly helpful for those new Xenon headlights!

The pro lens also has a contrast-enhancing filter that helps to crisp vision up both day and night!

Not just for the wintertime!

It’s not just the wintertime or the hours of darkness where we can suffer from glare. Glare can arise from lots of different sources, including low sunlight, light reflecting off wet roads and windows, and even from objects catching the light in our own cars.

Have your eyes tested regularly!

It’s so important that you have your eyes regularly tested - at least every two years. This way, you can ensure that your vision is the very best it can be.

Whilst problems with glare can get worse with age, if you feel that you are especially sensitive, it’s important to mention this at your appointment as it may also be a sign of cataracts and macular degeneration.

To take advantage of our half-price offers or book a sight test, call us on 01253 794522 or send us a message.

*Terms apply. Please ask instore for more details.

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