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We are absolutely delighted to have 50 blue ‘Thank You NHS’ branded bottles of glasses cleaner to give away to key workers, including frontline NHS doctors and nurses at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Not only that, but when the cleaner runs out, they can also come into the practice to get free refills!

Keeping your glasses mist-free and squeaky clean!

Medical staff must wear PPE, including protective eyewear, face masks and visors, which can cause lenses to mist and fog-up when worn in combination over glasses. This can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming as the PPE cannot easily be removed to clean the lenses.

However, as every optician knows, the most effective way to reduce misting-up is to make sure that your lenses are squeaky clean in the first place! This is because, at a microscopic level, there are imperfections in the lens surface that can trap particles of dirt and debris that attract moisture, thereby causing the lenses to fog.

We are also aware of several key workers who have cleaned their glasses with high alcohol wipes and have, unfortunately, ruined their glasses in the process.

GLASKLAR refillable lens cleaner

GLASKLAR is particularly effective at removing deposits without smearing and, as a result, helps to prevent lens misting. Even better, when the solution runs out, users can simply come into the practice and refill their bottles for free!

Another great thing about GLASKLAR is that the only person who handles the product when refilling it is the bottle owner themselves, so there’s far less risk of cross-contamination for both practice staff and customers.

Nominate your favourite key worker!

At Thompson & Hardwick Optometrists, we’re dedicated to supporting our incredible NHS and all of our outstanding key workers, which is why we have decided to give 50 ‘Thank You NHS’ branded bottles of glasses cleaner away.

If you would like to nominate your favourite key worker, head over to our Facebook page or our Instagram profile.

We also sell GLASKLAR for just £3.99, with unlimited free refills. If you would like to buy a bottle, please pop in and see us at the practice!

A big thank you to Positive Impact Sales and GLASKLAR UK for supporting us with this initiative.

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