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Earwax removal

One of the main causes of hearing loss is also one of the easiest to resolve. Wax build-up in the ear canal can lead to hearing loss, and here at Thompson & Hardwick, we offer a wax removal service. It's a quick and painless procedure that has an immediate impact. If you wear a hearing aid, or are prone to excess wax then an annual ear check is strongly advised.

in Lytham

Dave Holden

David qualified in 1996 and now has many years of valuable experience in his profession. He has a passion for Audiology and strives, on a daily basis, to provide his patients with the best advice and care.​

Outside of work Dave enjoys spending his spare time with his family and has been known, on the odd occasion, to embarrass himself on a golf course.

Hearing Care

Hearing loss is a widespread but often misunderstood problem. It can impact the sufferer in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it creeps up on people gradually, and before they know it they're experiencing real difficulties with everyday tasks. A hearing test is a simple way to get to the bottom of the problem, and our sympathetic hearing care team at Thompson & Hardwick are here to help.


With 25 years experience, at Thompson & Hardwick we offer a complete eye and hearing care service. Located a short distance from Lytham train station, our trusted, knowledgeable and empathetic team offer high levels of patient care.

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