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Why choose Thompson & Hardwick Optometrists?

At Thompson & Hardwick Optometrists we pride ourselves on our quality products and services. We are passionate about the eye care profession and will make sure that each customer receives the very best of care tailored to their needs leaving them with a feeling of confidence and satisfaction in their eyewear and eyecare. We invest heavily state-of-the-art technology to help us stay at the forefront of the profession and to enable us to provide you with the very best of ocular health investigations and the quality of eyewear products .

From eye examinations to contact lens consultations, young and old we would be thrilled to meet you and help you to achieve the very best your individual needs. At Thompson & Hardwick Optometrists we believe in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere and like to get to now you the individual, we are all unique and that's why our eye care service are bespoke and tailored to your individuality. From customised wooden spectacles, like Feb 31st and Silhouette to precsion tinted sunglasses like Serengeti and Adidas LST, contact lenses to freeform spectacle lenses we will scour the industry and find the best product for you. Contact us to make your appointment and start building that relationship with us today!

***EXCITING & NEW*** For some time now we have been offering advice on products and lifstyle changes with the specific intention of stopping your child becoming myopic (short-sighted). We are glad to announce that we have access to more and more products and with the recent release of the Hoya MioSmart spectacle lens we now have options for every child. Click below to find out more!





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Contact Lenses


Myopia Prevention

Contact Lens Speciality


Contact lenses are our thing! They are life changing and everybody should have the chance to try these liberating products. From Astigmatism to reading prescriptions, hard lenses to mini-scleral and soft lenses we have them all. And what's more, anyone can have them irrespective of age or prescription.

Professional Eyecare


Fostering trust between the patient and Optometrist is a very important part of what we strive to do. That's why we invest heavily in new technology and regularly improve our knowledge of the profession. We don't stand still. Offering the very best professional service for our patients is our absolute priority.

Fashionable Eyewear to suit all budgets


From FREE childrens eyewear to bespoke hand made spectacles we have fashionable eyewear to suit everybody's needs and styles. carrying brands like Cazal, Silouhette, Porsche Design and William Morris we are continually on the look out for the unusual and stylish choices and update our ranges regularly.

Chiropody & Podiatry


Louise Morgan Chiropody has been offering her comprehensive footcare services within our practice for over 10 years. She is well attended and offers private Chiropody and Podiatry services to all. To book an appointment in a warm and friendly atmosphere please call the practice and ask for Louise Morgan Chiropody. (And.. the view from the treatment room is fab!)